2023-2024 OHSAA Regional Update Meetings

The Ohio High School Athletic Association will be hosting in-person Regional Update Meetings in August and September. The dates and sites for the six meetings within each OHSAA athletic district are listed below.

The OHSAA Regional Update Meetings are designed to help kick off the 2023-24 school year and provide member school administrators with updates on current topics and issues. Superintendents, high school and 7th-8th grade principals, high school and 7th-8th grade athletic administrators and city supervisors are highly encouraged to attend. There is no cost to attend the meetings, which will last approximately two hours and begin at 10:00 a.m. Executive Director Doug Ute and other OHSAA staff members will make presentations and are happy to stay afterwards to answer questions you may have.

We have asked all other school administrators to coordinate their registration efforts through you, the high school athletic administrator. The link to the registration form is as follows:


An email will be returned to you to indicate that your registration has been received.

If you register for the Regional Update Meetings and then need to make changes later on, please contact Molly Downard (mdownard@ohsaa.org or 614-267-2502, ext. 100).

Here are the sites and dates for the 2023 OHSAA Regional Update Meetings:

Cambridge Meeting

Thursday, August 24 – 10:00 a.m.

Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center

7033 Glenn Highway

Cambridge, OH  43725


Athens Meeting

Tuesday, August 29 – 10:00 a.m.

Ohio University Inn and Conference Center

331 Richland Ave.

Athens, OH  45701


Streetsboro Meeting

Wednesday, September 6 – 10:00 a.m.

Streetsboro High School Auditorium

8585 State Route 14

Streetsboro, OH  44241


Westerville Meeting

Monday, September 11 – 10:00 a.m.                          

Quest Conference Center

9200 Worthington Rd., Suite 400

Westerville, OH  43082


Findlay Meeting

Thursday, September 14 – 10:00 a.m.

Findlay High School Auditorium

1200 Broad Ave.

Findlay, OH  45840


Cincinnati Meeting

Tuesday, September 19 – 10:00 a.m.

Cincinnati Princeton High School Matthews Auditorium

150 Viking Way

Cincinnati, OH  45246



OIAAA Cohort Available for Schools interested in pursuing the Bruce Brown Award of Excellence:

The OIAAA will be offering a 4 month cohort that will meet virtually once per month beginning June 14. The goal is to collaborate as a team to assist each participant in achieving the necessary requirements for the Bruce Brown Award of Excellence. Administrators that successfully complete all requirements by October 1st will be recognized at the OIAAA State Conference in November as well as the State Basketball Championships in March.  To find out more about the Bruce Brown Award of Excellence go to https://www.ohioiaaa.org/news/2021/04/28/oiaaa-and-ohsaa-launch-award-of-excellence/

The cohort will be facilitated by Streetsboro Athletic Administrator, Randy Tevepaugh, CMAA, who is the state coordinator for the Bruce Brown Award of Excellence. If you are interested in participating, please contact Randy by June 1. rtevepaugh@scsrockets.org

Congratulations West Clemont and Dublin Jerome for earning “The Bruce Brown Award of Excellence” 

In 2023 Ohio high school athletic departments were selected to receive the Annual Award of Excellence. The award, a collaboration between the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) and the Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (OIAAA) recognizes schools that provide exemplary support and promotion of education-based athletic programming in their school and community. 

 These awards were presented at the boys state basketball tournament in Dayton this year. This was our former Executive Director Bruce Brown’s award that he created and with the help of the OHSAA.  The award is named after Bruce Brown,  in honor of the man who created it and to remember the first Executive Director of the OIAAA. 

Recipients of this year’s award are West Clermont High School and Dublin Jerome High School.

The focus of the award is to recognize on-going and consistent efforts on the part of Ohio interscholastic athletic departments that demonstrate best practice in the endorsement and promotion of school-based athletic programming. Specifically, this award recognizes schools that demonstrate intentional efforts to exemplify the mission and culture of educational-based athletic programs as an on-going process. 

Doug Ute, Executive Director and Glen Gillespie, Executive Director of the OIAAA issued the following joint statement on the presentation of the award:    “Ohio Interscholastic athletic programs have always been considered some of the most exemplary programs in the country in reflecting the value our schools and communities place upon education-based sports. The recipients of the ‘Bruce Brown Award of Excellence‘ have demonstrated a consistent and well-developed plan to keep focus of their sport programs upon delivering life-long skills for all participants and mirroring the educational mission of their respective institutions.”


The OHSAA and the OIAAA believe there are several benchmarks which identify quality educational based athletic programs: 

School athletic programs are inherently educational

School athletic programs compliment the educational experience 

School athletic programs enhance the educational mission of the school

School athletic programs serve as an extension of the academic classroom 

School athletic programs teach life lessons not regularly available in the academic classrooms

School athletic programs have courts, fields, tracks, pools and courses as teaching classrooms 

For additional details on the “Award of Excellence” criteria, go to the OIAAA website https://www.ohioiaaa.org/news/2021/04/28/oiaaa-and-ohsaa-launch-award-of-excellence/

April and May 2023 OHSAA Athletic Discussion Meetings

The 2023 Ohio High School Athletic Association Athletic Discussion Meetings have been finalized with the dates and locations for the six meetings listed below. OHSAA Director of Compliance Kristin Ronai will review the 2023 referendum issues and Executive Director Doug Ute will discuss topics of current interest to administrators involved with or interested in the school’s interscholastic athletics program. Meetings will last no more than two hours, and there is no cost to attend.

The meetings are intended for superintendents, high school principals, high school athletic administrators, 7th-8th grade principals, city supervisors and board presidents. Attendance by at least one school administrator is highly encouraged.

Member schools are permitted to register a maximum of four school administrators for the OHSAA Athletic Discussion Meetings. We have asked all other school administrators to coordinate their registration efforts through you, the high school athletic administrator. The link to the registration form is as follows:


An email will be returned to you to indicate that your registration has been received.

Here are the sites and dates for the 2023 OHSAA Athletic Discussion Meetings:

Westerville Meeting

Monday, April 17– 10:00 a.m.

Quest Conference Center

9200 Worthington Rd., Suite 400

Westerville, OH  43082


Athens Meeting

Wednesday, April 18 – 10:00 a.m.       

Ohio University Inn and Conference Center

331 Richland Ave.

Athens, OH  45701


Streetsboro Meeting

Tuesday, April 25 – 10:30 a.m.

Streetsboro High School Auditorium

8585 State Route 14

Streetsboro, OH  44241


Cambridge Meeting

Thursday, April 27 – 1:30 p.m.

Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center

7033 Glenn Highway

Cambridge, OH  43725

Clayton Meeting

Friday, April 28 – 10:00 a.m.

Northmont Community Auditorium

4916 W. National Road

Clayton, OH  45315

Special Note:

Enter Door 2, Northwest Side of School


Tiffin Meeting

Monday, May 1 – 9:00 a.m.

Camden Falls Reception & Conference Center

2640 S. State Route 231

Tiffin, OH  44883

Special Note: This meeting is in conjunction with

the NWDAB Administrators Meeting. The NWDAB

portion of the meeting and special awards will begin

at 9:00, with the OHSAA presentation to begin at

approximately 10:00. Lunch will also be provided.

NIAAA/OIAAA: Professional Development Opportunity

News Release
NIAAA/OIAAA: Professional Development Opportunity
Quality Program Award (QPA), National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA)
Ohio Athletic Administrators that are interested in pursuing the distinguished NIAAA

Quality Program Award are invited to attend one of two virtual informational meetings
conducted by:
Randy Tevepaugh, CMAA, NIAAA QPA Mentor
Don Bales, CMAA, NIAAA QPA Coordinator

The virtual meetings will be conducted on Wednesday, February 8th at 9:00 a.m. and
Sunday, February 24th at 7:30 p.m. Those administrators interested in participating
should contact Randy Tevepaugh at rtevepaugh@scsrockets.org An email notification will be sent prior to the meeting
time(s) detailing pertinent information regarding participation.

The Bruce Brown Award of Excellence will be awarded to those administrators and
school districts achieving this level of Professional Development from the OIAAA.

Additionally, a national recognition will be made at the National Athletic Directors Conference in December of each year.

Past Bruce Brown Award Winners

Year School Athletic Director
2015 Gilmour Academy Jeff Walrich
Worthington Kilbourne Jeff Todd
Ottawa Hills Tim Erickson
Streetsboro Randy Tevepaugh
2016 Wyoming Jan Wilking
2017 Anderson Kyle Bing
Brush Mike Murphy
Mason Scott Stemple
2018 Hilliard Darby Chris Ludban
Proctorville Fairland Jeff Gorby
Galion Kyle Baugh
Marietta Rick Guimond
Rocky River Mark Wagner
St. Joseph Academy John Manuszak
Sycamore Phil Poggi
2019 Findlay Nate Weihrauch
Loveland Brian Conaster
Woodridge Nick Mayer
2020 No Winners Covid
2021 Turpin Tony Hemmelgarn
Brunswick John Justice
Streetsboro Randy Tevepaugh
Shenandoah Eric Scholtis
Plymouth Josh Calame
Fort Frye Barb Sleek
2022 Madeira Joe Kimling

OIAAA 3rd Strategic Plan

OIAAA 3rd Strategic Plan


Building a Committee of OIAAA Members – April 25, 2021


SWOADA – Chris Weaver, Kettering Fairmont High School (unable to attend)

NWOIAAA – Jeff Hill, Eastwood High School

NEOIAAA – Ryan Peters, Beachwood High School (unable to attend)

SEOIAAA – Keith Dettwiller, Piketon High School

CEOIAAA – Heath O’Neal, Dublin City Schools

EOIAAA – Chip Amicone, Garaway High School



Julie Renner: OIAAA Assistant Executive Director

Joe Roberts:  Southwest District Representative

Joe Kimling:  OIAAA Secretary

Gary Spinell: OIAAA President-Elect

Rick Guimond: OIAAA President

Bill Schumacher: NEOIAAA Representative in attendance 

Tony Williams: SEOIAAA District Representative 

Heather Beck:  Female Representative

Randy King:  OIAAA Treasurer

Glen Gillespie: OIAAA Executive Director 


Ken Baker: Strategic Plan Lead


OIAAA Successes 

  1. PD/Conference
  2. NIAAA Relationship
  3. Networking
  4. Mentoring Opportunities
  5. Respect Profession
  6. Recognition
  7. Becoming Involved
  8. Scholarships
  9. Structure
  10. Transparency
  11. Social Media
  12. Status
  13. Nuts and Bolts (Procedures)


OIAAA Challenges

  1. Diversity
  2. Membership Balance (Dues)
  3. Mentoring
  4. Licensure/Certification
  5. Outreach/Visibility
  6. Finances
  7. P.D. (options)
  8. Relationships
  9. Influence w/other Professional Associations in the state of Ohio
  10. Promotion
  11. Social Media/Communication 


OIAAA 3rd Strategic Plan starting 2021



The OIAAA will increase dual membership to reach 800+ members.

1.1: Promote an all-in initiative of 10% of leagues.

1.2: Explore alternative membership -1.3: Relevance to nonmember ADs (why Join)

1.4: Increase Middle School AD, Female ADs, and Minority ADs, to address the diversity of overall membership, by 20% over 5 years.

1.5: Continue to develop mentoring programs with current and retired ADs.



The OIAAA will maintain current financial stability based on:

2.1: Review/Audit committee to promote complete transparency.

2.2: Keep a “Rainy Day” and Endowment Fund with ___% or ___(set amount)

2.3: Maintain a general fund balance sufficient to operate the next fiscal year.

2.4: Pursue investment options and opportunities to benefit the entire association.

2.5: Set aside ___% of the general fund each fiscal year for outreach and professional development.



The OIAAA will identify a professional development format to benefit our membership

3.1: Create a New AD Workshop to include the OHSAA and support the new standards of the business.  

  1. Create within “So You Want to Be an AD” workshop

3.2: Collaborate with all associations to bring professional development and training to new ADs (3 years or less)

3.3: Enhance our professional development delivery method

  1. Increase virtual opportunities through workshops and LTIs
  2. Build the AD Toolbox to function as a Best Practice Guide
  3. Plan quarterly Hot Topics roundtable sessions

3.4: Place emphasis on the CAA designation in our LTI offerings to increase this certification amongst our members

  1. Increase CAA certifications by 10%
  2. Increase Members with CAA’s to CMAA by 2%



The OIAAA will promote the mission to our audiences.  In addition, solicit the input and needs from our membership.

4.1: Use various forms of social media and surveys to gather input from members on athletic policies.

4.2: Create a sub-committee to work with the Executive Director to assess needs and find resources to promote Education-Based Athletics 

4.3: Use social media and awards to celebrate and promote the profession of Athletic Administration

4.4: Network with other state associations to learn different ways to promote Education-Based Athletics

2022 OIAAA State Conference Registration and Agenda

2022 OIAAA State Conference

November 13, 14, 15

at Columbus Easton Hilton

Event Registration for Members

Log in to the OIAAA AMP site: https://oiaaa.finalforms-amp.com/

1. Click on the “MEMBER” icon

2. Enter your email address for your username and the password for your OIAAA AMP account

3. On your Main Member Page, locate the “Current Events” section on your account page

4. Find the OIAAA event you want to register for (Conference or LTI) and click on the “Register” button next to the event

5. You will be taken to the cost and fees page, Click the “Yes Register” button

6. Complete the registration form of the event you are registering for and when the form is complete, type your name in the signature field and submit the form (Please note the Hotel information is also listed in the form)

7. You will be taken to the checkout page where you can download a “Generated Invoice” if needed for your Treasurer’s Office and/or to mail in with a check payment.  You can also choose to pay online by credit card.

Please remember, your OIAAA Membership fees must be paid to register for the conference and/or the LTI events.