The OIAAA Toolbox is designed to bring  easy to find information to the site based athletic administrator. The ever changing landscape of educational athletics requires current, timely information and access to reliable resources 24/7.

The “Ohio A.D. Toolbox” serves as a repository of ideas, “best practice” and shared data from a wide range of sources.  As the role and duties of the interscholastic athletic administrator continue to evolve from school to school, the sharing of mutually utilized information serves as a reflection upon the primary function of today’s athletic director……to SERVE others!

The OIAAA will perform as the storehouse of Toolbox information and documents and provide a filter to insure the quality and integrity of the files shared.  In some cases, we will be providing direct links to outside resources where data is located.  Ultimately, our objective will be to provide our member schools with up-to-date knowledge to assist in the successful operation of education-based athletic programs across our state.

We welcome OIAAA members to share similar ideas and data that could benefit our schools.  Should you wish to submit a worthy item, please follow these parameters in your submission(s):

  •  No copyrighted materials may be submitted.
  • Documents should be formatted in either PDF or Word.
  • Prior to submission, please edit any document which may contain sensitive or confidential data (e.g., individual names, incidents or other proprietary information)        
  • Submissions should be sent electronically to
  • The OIAAA reserves the right to determine or limit any posting of information through the “Ohio A.D. Toolbox”.

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Ohio University Coach Education and Athletic Administration Programs

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“The New A.D.”

Philosophy of Education-based Athletics

Codes of Conduct and Handbooks

Coaches Handbook – Princeton High School

Athletic Handbook – Princeton High School

Athletic Handbook – Canfield High School

Athletic Handbook – Hilliard City Schools

Athletic Handbook – Colchester Schools

Athletic Handbook – Santa Monica Schools, CA

Athletic Code of Conduct – Francis W. Parker School

Student Activities Guide – Bay High School

Parent Student Handbook – Grove High School

Parent Student Handbook – Lake High School

Team Policy Handbook – Canfield Soccer

Coaches Handbook – Perrysburg HighSchool

Coaches Handbook – Canfield High School

Coaches Handbook – Lake High School

Jim Harbuck Presentation on Handbooks

Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements –  Close to the Game

Public Service Announcements – Leadership You Can Believe In

Public Service Announcements – Valuable Lessons

Public Service Announcements -More Than Extracurricular

Public Service Announcements: This is Sportsmanship

Public Service Announcements on Playing Multiple Sports

Public Service Announcements on Playing Multiple Sports #2 “No Debate”

Public Service Announcements on Playing Multiple Sports #3 “Leaders We can Depend On”- 30 seconds

Public Service Announcements on Playing Multiple Sports #4″Leaders We can Depend On” – 60 seconds

Job Expectations

OHSAA & The A.D.

A Review of Sudent Eligibility Bylaw 4 – Dr. Moore OIAAA Summer Institute – June 14-15, 2016

WIN (What’s Important NOW) – Newsletter’s from the OHSAA designed to help with various OHSAA issues/regulations

Newsletter 1

Newsletter 2

Newsletter 3a      Newsletter 3b

Newsletter 4

Newsletter 5

Newsletter 6

Newsletter 7

Professional Resources for the Athletic Director

The OIAAA, in partnership with many quality businesses and related providers, will be posting a categorized list resources that schools could consider for solutions.  This listing is currently under development; look for a full list by mid-summer.”

Chris Larbes/Motz Group presentation on G-max testing

Leadership Responsibilities

Operational Responsibilities/Emergency Plans

Coach and Athletic Director Education

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Booster Clubs

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Social Media in Athletics

WIN: What’s Important Now

AD/OHSAA Communications: 2015-2016

The ADR – Athletic Director Report

Professional Resources for the Athletic Director

Sports Lighting – Answers to 9 Common Questions from Musco Lighting

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