Minutes—Executive Committee Meeting


State Conference Planning Committee:

Major points of emphasis were presenters, and keynote speakers for the fall conference.  Still seeking 1.

Called to Order:

·     The meeting was called to order by President Tim Erickson at 10:02 am.


Attendance:  X – in attendance

Executive Director:   x Bruce Brown (NE)

District Rep. (C)  x    Steve Conley

Past President/Program Chair:   Matt Shomper (SW)

District Rep. (E)   x  Ray Hibbs

President:      x Tim Erickson (NW)

District Rep. (NE)            x Rob Eckenrode

President Elect:       x        Paul Powers (NE)

District Rep. (NW)      x    Susie Felver

Secretary:     x Bo Hanson (C)

District Rep. (SW)          Tim Cook

Treasurer:     x Randy King (C)

District Rep. (SE)           x     Bo Arnett

LTI/Newsletter Chair:      x Glen Gillespie (NW)

Awards Chair:   x Bill Schumacher (NE)

Exhibit Chair:    x Phil Poggi (SW)

Website Chair:  x Erich Fromback (NE)

NIAAA Cert. Chair:  x Paul Moses

Program Chair:  x Tom Farbizo (E)

OHSAA: x Dr. Ross OHSAA: Jerry Snodgrass OASSA: Ken Baker

I.  Action Items

A.  Additions to the Agenda:


B.  Approval of Agenda:

·     A motion was made by Susie F.  and seconded by Steve C. to approve the agenda.  The motion was carried.

C.  Approval of Minutes:

·     A motion was made by Steve Conley  and seconded by Rob Eckenrode to approve the minutes from the   Executive Committee meeting.  The motion was carried.

D.  Approval of Financial Report:

·     A motion was made by Paul Powers and seconded by Susie Felver to approve the financial report as of 3/16/14.  The balance as of March 16th was checking-$9,989.77, savings-$56,408.39.  The motion was carried.

II. Information Items

A. Membership Report: Randy King

·     Two new members have been added, new membership forms were distributed, and changes were discussed.  The new registration form is now two forms: current and retired memberships.

B. OASSA Report:

·     No Report.

C. OHSAA Report:  Dr. Ross

·     Dr. Ross discussed the state hockey finals, the fall petition (which fell through due to lack of signatures) and the remaining discussion was on Competitive Balance.
A lengthy discussion was led by Dr. Ross and he provided a worksheet that provided direction as to what was being introduced to be voted on this spring.  Questions were fielded and answered by Dr. Ross.

D.  NIAAA Report:   Bruce Brown

·     Discussion was held w/o Bruce in the room about nominating him for the Citation Award and Ralph Young for the Hall of Fame Award.


E.  Conference Report:  Paul Powers

·     Currently still seeking one speaker, will take suggestions.  The vendor fees increased with increased exposure and wi-fi availability.  Social will be in the main ballroom.


F.  Website Report:  Erich Frombach

·     Discussed the site “hits” and which sections of the site had the most activity; Erich also discussed ideas as to how to get more exposure on the site:

–      Try to drive people to the “openings” page.

–       Have the individual districts post info on the OIAAA site also.

G.  Awards Report:  Bill Schumacher

·     Names needed by the May meeting for awards for this year.  Discussion was held about promoting Ohio for awards at the national level

·     Committee will consist of Glenn, Tom, Steve & Paul M.

H.  Leadership Training Report:  Glenn Gillespie

·     Webinars available in April for LTI courses.

·     Ad Hoc Committe to look at professional development and to put together an 18 month calendar listing these events.

·     Summer Institute was discussed again and has been pushed out.

I.  Certification Report: Paul Moses

·     Discussed the development of a mentor program, marketing certification to the principals and superintendents.

J.  Newsletter Report:  Glenn Gillespie

·     Current newsletter is out.  One more newsletter will go out before the end of May.

·     Please have any information by the May meeting to be included in the next edition.

K. Executive Directors Report:  Bruce Brown

·     Discussed Corporate Partners.

·     Discussed the use of Survey Monkey and how to get more results.  Jerry Snodgrass has offered his SM account to provide us the opportunity to draw more respondents.

·     Mark Princehorn has retired and was a member of the SEI committee.  We will need to replace.

·     Discussion was held on Section 2 dates: 6/18,19,20th of June.

·     Discussion was also held about the function of the past presidents, and how to utilize their legacy in a productive way.


III. New Business:

A.  Tech/Software partnership:  Bruce Brown

·     Committee of Steve C, Paul P. Bruce B, Susie F and Scott Kaufman (Lakota HS) will meet on 3/18 with five vendors to see how they can address improvements to entering events “one time” for data entry.

·     The vendors are 8 to 18, Schedule Star, Digital Scout, VNN and Big Teams.


IV. Discussion Items:

A.  District Reports:

1. Central—Steve Conley

Spring Conference on 4/9/14 at Huntington Park at 9:00 AM with baseball to follow.

2. Northwest—Glenn Gillespie

NW roundtable on 4/23/14.


3. Northeast–Rob Eckenrode

Spring Conference on 4/28 at Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls; Gary Waters keynote speaker.


4. East–Ray Hibbs

Spring Conference/Golf on 4/24 at Atwood Lodge with HOF induction of Kevin Keffer.


5. Southwest—Paul Pogi

Spring Golf outing and dinner on 5/19.


6. Southeast—Bo Arnett

Spring Golf outing on 5/9


V. Adjournment:

A. Next Meeting:

·     Sunday, May 18th, 2014 at the OHSAA offices.  Conference planning Committee meeting will start at 9:00 AM with the Executive Committee meeting to start at 10:00 AM.

B. Move to Adjourn:

·     A motion was made by Steve C. and seconded by Bo A. to adjourn the meeting.  The motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 12:33 PM.

C. Upcoming Dates of Note:

Future Meeting Dates and times:

-Conference planning meetings to begin at 9:00 AM and Executive meetings at 10:00 AM.

-Sunday May 18th  Sunday August 17th

-Sunday October 19th  Sunday Nov. 16th  Sunday January 25, 2015

-Sunday March 15th  Sunday May 17th.

NIAAA Section 2 Meeting Dates:

June 19-22, 2014 Host State:  Delaware  June 18-21, 2015 Host State:  Kentucky

June 16-18, 2016 Host State:  Maryland  June 15-17, 2017 Host State:  Ohio

June 15-17, 2018 Host State:  Pennsylvania                June 13-15,2019 Host State:  Virginia

June TBD, 2020 Host State:  West Virginia

Future OIAAA Conference Dates:

November 16-18, 2014 (NW) Hilton Easton  November 15-17, 2015 (E)

November 13-15, 2016 (SE)     November 12-14, 2017 (C)

Future NIAAA Conference Dates:

December 12-16, 2014 National Harbor, Maryland

December 11-15, 2015 Orlando, Florida

December 9-15, 2016 Nashville, Tennessee

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