OIAAA Executive Board Meeting

April 25, 2021


10:00am Regular Meeting


Welcome Guimond

Additional items

Approval of Agenda Motion: Roberts  2nd  Gary Carries 

Approve agenda


Approve Minutes from March meeting

Motion: Heath 2nd Chuck Carries


  1. OASSA Report Tim Freeman


III. OHSAA Report Doug Ute

Discussion of OHSAA proposal


  1. Financial Report King

Insurance cost will increase for members from 35 cents to 38 cents per member.

Financial report included in the April documents for the meeting.

Motion Gary 2nd Chuck Carries


  1. Reports


Conference Chair Powers


Vendor Chair O’Neal

Nothing New at this time waiting on direction from Gov.

Certification Payne

Awards Shumacher

NIAAA winners will be announced this week

OIAAA scholarships proposing 12 scholarships at approx $300

Motion: Roberts 2nd Beck   Carries 

Allocate 12  $500 scholarships for the 2021 year 


NIAAA State Award of Merit- Joe Roberts

Jon Payne nominated for Kovaleski Award

Citations – No Applicants

OIAAA Award – What to do with 2020 recipients

We could do a video presentation.

2021 recipients need info to Bill by June.

Years of Service – Difficulties getting accurate information- Asking rep to get the

15 year members

Proposing the Awards committees be composed of people currently sitting on the


The SW has asked if they could nominate 5 AD of the Year for  2021 (allowed up

 to 4) The membership agreed to allow the SW to have 5 AD of Year for 2021.


Webpage Frombach

Discussion on Gipper and Erich/Glen will reach out to see if they may want to sponsor. 

We need to update the calendar or take down the calendar feature.

Erich will pull some analytics of website use.


Discussion about AMP and Retired numbers:

Steve asked if we should contact the list of retired ADs to get them to be a part of AMP and should members activate their AMP memberships. 


Newsletter Gillespie

Deadline is 4/30

If you would like to add an athlete to the cover send photos to Glen G.


LTI Gillespie

Summer institute info will come out the week of 4/25

This will be virtually- ZOOM

We are still looking for a newsletter chair- SW has someone interested


  1. Executive Director Report Gillespie

Focusing on the strategic plan 

Will be attending the Section 2 and NEDC

Discussion around the latest OHSAA decisions 


VII. Strategic Plan Renner/Roberts

Will be a separate meeting following regular meeting

VIII. Board Reports

Central Rep

May 13 Central meeting  at Hunting Park

Minority Rep

Participated in a State wide MADA meeting 45-50 participants hoping to branch

out through the OIAAA.  Would like to see a minority focus session at the


Female Rep


Middle School Rep


East Rep

April 30 in person spring conference in cambridge.

Northeast Rep


Northwest Rep

Round table on Wednesday 4/28

Landscape of the NW leagues is changing.

Southeast Rep


Southwest Rep: 

June 2-SWOADA Golf Outing 11:00am-Heatherwoode Golf Course. Dinner and Awards follow golf. 156 Current Members


Motion to adjourn  Gary 2nd Chuck Carries


Next meeting August 8 at 10:00am at the OHSAA. Conference Planning at 9:00am


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