By John Kampf, The Morning Journal & The News-Herald

POSTED: 04/03/14, 7:49 PM EDT |

The Ohio High School Athletic Association is putting on a full-court press for participation by its member schools.
Commissioner Dan Ross on April 3 said the governing body for Ohio high school athletics is considering legislation that would require the 823 member schools to be part of the voting process for any and all ballot votes.
Speaking in front of a group of writers as part of the annual Ohio Prep Sports Writers Association luncheon, Ross said member schools might soon be required to return their ballots, whether they vote or not.
“There is a referendum item principals will vote on (in May),” Ross said. “(If it passes), you’re required to return your ballot. If you don’t return your ballot, there will be a fine.”
Ross said the referendum, if passed, will ensure school districts at least acknowledge the measures being voted upon. Their options are to vote yes, vote no or simply not vote. But they would be required to return the ballot.

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