August, 2016

To:          Ohio School Superintendents & Principals

From:     Bruce Brown, Executive Director, OIAAA

RE:          An Important Consideration for the 2016-2017 School Year


The Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (OIAAA) is one of the nation’s leading professional organizations for education-based athletics and the school administrators who oversee interscholastic athletics for our students.  In direct partnership with the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) and the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators (OASSA), the OIAAA stands as the third largest organization of its kind (in total membership) in the country for the specific purpose of enhancing the professional development of athletic administrators and other stakeholders of education-based athletics.


Just as your promotion of continuous education for your academic staff is critical to your schools’ growth and progressive development, there is high value for similar encouragement and support for those coaches, athletic directors and support personnel who touch the lives of our young people literally every day.  The OIAAA is committed to providing professional development opportunities and resources to insure that Ohio’s school-based athletic programs are meeting the educational purposes of each school district.


Many of you may already be aware of the opportunities that exist through membership in our OIAAA.  Among our resources, we provide:

  • Over 40, four-hour “Leadership Training Courses” which are accredited by AdvancEd’s North Central Association CASI (the same organization that accredits your school curriculum) for athletic administrators
  • National Certification for athletic administrators through our Professional Development Academy
  • Monthly online webinars, national Leadership Training Course webinars and valuable links to a repository of downloadable forms and “best practices” for your athletic administrator
  • CEU and college semester credit for attendance at our annual state conference
  • A $2,000,000 liability insurance policy to protect your athletic administrator for activity related to professional duties
  • A $5,000 term life policy for active athletic administrators
  • Opportunities to nominate your student(s) for annual OIAAA scholarships
  • Discounted registration fees for combined OIAAA/NIAAA/OASSA membership


With the myriad of challenges we all face as school administrators, we hope you will consider and support the opportunity for your athletic administrator to benefit from membership in our OIAAA.  Knowing that the person(s) who oversees your students’ athletic opportunities has full access to the very best resources in athletic leadership will likely benefit all of your school community’s stakeholders.


For more information on the OIAAA and membership options, go to:


Have a great start to your new school year!

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