The Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (OIAAA), as the leading proponent for interscholastic athletic administrators’ and interscholastic coaches’ training and professional development, has released recent statistics indicating Ohio’s continued advancement on a national scale.

The OIAAA has worked closely with the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) in the promoting and providing of leadership training courses for both interscholastic coaches and athletic administrators.  Each of these organizations have additionally collaborated with the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) to proactively develop certification programs and promote professional accreditation for athletic administrators in Ohio.

Athletic Administration Training and Certification:

For athletic administrators, the OIAAA and the NIAAA have provided a series of training courses via the Leadership Training Institute (LTI).  This program of professional development was initiated in 1995 by the NIAAA and was granted full registration by the National Certification Commission of North Central Accreditation in October of 2001.  The North Central Accreditation is the same body that accredits secondary schools and their respective curricula throughout the United States.

There are five levels of certification for interscholastic athletic administrators:

·     Registered Athletic Administrator (RAA)

·     Registered Middle School Athletic Administrator (RMSAA)

·     Provisional Certified Athletic Administrator (PCAA)

·     Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA)

·     Certified Master Athletic Administrator (CMAA)

Each level of certification requires completion of various combinations of the LTI courses.  There are currently 39 courses available through Leadership Training with each course providing a minimum of four (4) hours of “seat time”.

Currently in Ohio, the following certifications are active:

·     RAAs:  92

·     CAAs:  172

·     CMAAs: 17

Leadership Training courses for interscholastic athletic administrators are available through several opportunities.  The OIAAA offers several LTI courses at their Annual State Conference (held in Columbus, OH) in November of each year.  Additionally, several OIAAA district associations will offer courses throughout the year, usually as part of District Workshops held in the spring of each year.

Athletic directors can also take courses via webinars (two, 2-hour classes) and online via Ohio University or the University of Maine.  For information about online and webinar course access, visit: http://www.niaaa.org/niaaa-programs/leadership-training-institute/niaaa-online-courses-webinars/.

“The training and continuous learning opportunities for our member athletic administrators is the number one objective of our Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association”, states OIAAA Executive Director, Bruce Brown.  “We want our member schools and their respective administrative teams to realize that we have nationally-accredited training available to those people charged with overseeing the interscholastic athletic program.  Because of the unique nature and challenges involved with education-based athletics, there are critical skill-sets that need to be mastered for the efficient and successful operation of such programming.  The professional development and learning opportunities offered through the OIAAA and the Leadership Training courses are valuable investments for the school athletic administrator.”

Many Ohio school districts have begun including a minimal requirement of CAA or CMAA certification (or the ability to obtain within a period of time) of candidates for Director of Athletics/Activities and similar openings.  As more school districts seek skilled staff to minimize turnover in athletic department personnel, evidence of training in education-based athletic management has become essential.  Professional development workshops and conferences provide critical skill training for enhancement of the interscholastic athletic experiences for students and associated stakeholders.

For additional information regarding Leadership Training courses and other professional development opportunities for athletic administrators, visit the following links:



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