(Uniontown, OH) – The Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (OIAAA) is proud to provide a new nonprofit service designed to assist families in being properly educated about the athletic collegiate recruiting process.
The Recruiting Education Foundation Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit venture, is now providing the OIAAA with recruiting webinars for high school student-athletes and their families in the state of Ohio. The webinar is available at no cost, and can be accessed through this link http://oiaaa2.wpengine.com/professional-development/recruiting-webinar/.
OIAAA Executive Director Bruce Brown said of the webinar launch, “We are happy to provide this informational program to our student-athletes and their families at no cost. We highly encourage anyone who has aspirations of playing sports in college to watch this webinar.  It is an outstanding first step in properly educating parents and students about the recruiting process.” 
The OIAAA recruiting webinar, which can be accessed through this linkhttp://oiaaa2.wpengine.com/professional-development/recruiting-webinar/, addresses these and other recruiting topics:
  • § Three rules of being a parent
  • § Scholarship myths and facts
  • § NAIA and JUCO education
  • § Scholarships, do they differ?
  • § The Name Game
  • § Negotiate/Cooperative Education
  • § Dangers of social networking/cell phones/Saving for College
  • § National Letter of Intent
  • § NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Centers
  • § Recruiting Services   
  • § NCAA core course requirements 
Brown went on to say, “There is a misunderstanding that the recruiting process doesn’t start until a student’s junior or senior year. Families and students who have aspirations of playing sports in college must begin to prepare themselves for the recruiting process starting in their freshman year of high school. OIAAA highly recommends every parent of a student-athlete dedicate 60 minutes of time to watch our webinar. We feel it will go a long way to get our kids and families on the right track with recruiting, and more importantly, academics.”
In addition, an inservice “HS Staff” webinar for counselors and coaches is being made available for viewing also at no cost.  Access to the in service webinar can also be access through this link http://oiaaa2.wpengine.com/professional-development/recruiting-webinar/.  This 50 minute service will greatly assist counselors and coaches with their continuing education on NCAA/NAIA/JUCO eligibility and recruiting matters.
Additional related resources can be found on these links, including college search options, financial aid resources, and downloadable documents on NCAA/NAIA rule changes.
Contact: Bruce Brown 330-877-4288
Recruiting Education Foundation 813-398-1060

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