Consideration for
OIAAA Assistant Executive Director

Rationale: With the OIAAA’s growth into one of the largest state athletic administrators’ association in the nation,the day-to-day oversight of membership and provision of services has grown exponentially. As such, the position of Assistant Executive Director is meant to enhance and provide greater service to the organization and its membership.

Purpose: Provide support to the OIAAA Executive Director, the Officers and the Board of Directors in the operation of the OIAAA. It is intended that the Assistant Executive Director assume the duties as assigned by the Board of Directors and assume the role of the Executive Director in his/her absence or until such time as the Board identifies additional position needs.

The position of Assistant Executive Director would include, but not be limited to, the following duties:

Minimum Expectations:

 Has served a minimum of five years as an OIAAA member with at least two years of service at the District or Executive Board levels of the OIAAA.

 Has served a minimum of five years as a full-time interscholastic athletic administrator.  Has familiarity with OIAAA collegial associations: OHSAA, OASSA, BASA, OSBA.

 Has a working knowledge with technology inclusive of, but not limited to MS Office Suite, Google Suite,
Outlook, Zoom/Google/Other Video Conferencing and FinalForms.

 Has a working knowledge of audio-visual equipment and technology.

 Has ability to manage social media to advance the association’s presence on both a local and national

 Knowledgeable of working relationship among OIAAA Districts, OIAAA State and NIAAA organizations
Organizational Responsibilities:

 Oversees the development and coordination of the Annual OIAAA State Conference
 Works with the Executive Director in the coordination and marketing of the OIAAA
Partnership/Sponsorship program.

 Assists with the Membership Chairperson and coordination of membership rosters with OIAAA Treasurer

 Assumes additional duties as assigned by the Executive Director and the Executive Board

Time requirements:

 Attendance at all Executive Board of Directors meetings

 Attendance at OIAAA State Conference
 Attendance at NIAAA National Conference
 Attendance at NIAAA Section meeting
 Engagement at OIAAA Summer Institute
 Ability to respond to leadership and membership needs as necessary


 Conference registrations at OIAAA and NIAAA Conferences

 Lodging at OIAAA, NIAAA and Section 2 conferences/meetings

 Mileage (per IRS rate) for all required association meetings

 Additional travel reimbursements to conferences as approved by the Board of Directors

In Process (see “Succession Process” notes, below):

 Qualified applicants will submit a letter of interest  Include a resume which highlights candidate’s meeting minimum and position expectations

 Deadline for application will be (TBD).

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