As administrative leaders, we consistently strive to provide our teachers and coaches the tools for best practice and appropriate behavior in their respective roles.  Social media concerns and advances make for a critical discussion topic that we all must address and show due diligence in the training of our people.

The National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) has recently released two, free online courses to assist coaches and students in making appropriate decisions in the use of Social Media. The OIAAA strongly encourages our member schools to provide access to these courses prior to the start of the coming school year.  Below is information as to how administrators can learn more about accessing these free training courses.


New FREE Courses Available at the NFHS Learning Center
Social Media for Students
 Social Media for Students has been designed to give students the information that they need to develop responsible social media habits.  This course illustrates the long-term consequences that irresponsible social media usage can have on a student’s educational, athletic, and professional careers.
Social Media for Coaches 

Through the use of social media, everyone now has the ability to be a mass communicator.  This has greatly impacted the sports industry, including high school sports and activities.  This course is designed to assist you in setting clear boundaries and guidelines for your students’ responsible social media usage.

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