On behalf of the Board of Directors and Officers of the OIAAA, we want to thank the many Ohio athletic administrators who have joined the OIAAA and the NIAAA.  As of June 30th , Ohio established an ALL TIME RECORD of 514 members in the NIAAA and OIAAA.  That is a 23% increase in NIAAA memberships over the past year.  Incredible!!


For those of you who have become part of our organizations, THANK YOU.  You have chosen to enhance your professional skills and commitment to the young people of your community by becoming engaged in best practices.  We encourage each of you to continue to advance your expertise and deepen your value to your school, your community, and most importantly, your students.


For those of you who have not yet joined, we want to invite you to become part of the nation’s top organization for the development and support of education-based athletic administrators.  Ohio has truly become the nation’s top state Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association; this has happened not only because of our membership growth, but because of the QUALITY of data, sharing and practical knowledge that is provided through our greatest resources……OUR OHIO ATHLETIC DIRECTORS!


For additional information regarding OIAAA and NIAAA memberships, go to: http://oiaaa2.wpengine.com/about/membership-info/


Bruce Brown, CMAA, CIC

Executive Director

Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

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