To:                          All Ohio Athletic Directors

From:                     Tim Erickson, President, OIAAA

RE:                          “ALL IN” Membership Initiative


The Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (OIAAA) is proud to recognize all of the schools who have met the “ALL IN” Membership initiative for the 2014-2015 school year.  The final group to be recognized are all six high schools in the Toledo Public School District; these schools, along with 13 high schools in the Cincinnati Public School District, are:

  •                 Toledo Bowsher HS (athletic Director, Terry Reeves)
  •                 Toledo Rogers HS (athletic director, Harold Howell)
  •                 Toledo Scott HS (athletic director, Jim Huss)
  •                 Toledo Start HS (athletic director, Mike Johnson)
  •                 Toledo Waite HS (athletic director, Chris Lorton)
  •                 Toledo Woodward HS (athletic director, Rick Hug)
  •                 Cincinnati Aiken HS (athletic director, Paul Brownfield)
  •                 Cincinnati Hughes HS (athletic director, Jolinda Miller)
  •                 Cincinnati Shroder HS (athletic director, P.J. Pope)
  •                 Cincinnati Taft HS (athletic director, Don Newberry)
  •                 Cincinnati Western Hills HS (athletic director, Brian Meyer)
  •                 Cincinnati Woodward HS (athletic director, Steve Ellison)
  •                 Cincinnati Clark Montessori HS (athletic director, Aaron Zupka)
  •                 Cincinnati Walnut Hills HS (athletic director, Tom Donnelly)
  •                 Cincinnati Withrow HS (athletic director, Darren Braddix)
  •                 Cincinnati Gamble Montessori HS (athletic director, Dave Miller)
  •                 Cincinnati Oyler HS (athletic director, Dave Scholl)
  •                 Cincinnati Riverview East HS (athletic director, Fred Willis)
  •                 Cincinnati School of Creative Performing Arts (athletic director, Tim Rizzo)


Each of these athletic directors have become both OIAAA and National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) members for the 2014-2015 school year.  Ohio continues to be one of the nation’s leading states with NIAAA memberships.


Each of the “ALL IN” recipients will receive an OIAAA polo shirt compliments of OIAAA partner, Rokkitwear (an Ohio-based company helping schools with their branding and spirit wear needs).


For additional information on the “ALL IN” initiative with OIAAA, go to:

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