National Conference: Ohio well represented in Maryland

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Ohio has become increasingly involved with NIAAA events and actions. At the 2014 NADC in Maryland, the following OIAAA members were active with conference events:
OH attend at NADC
  • Tim Erickson (OIAAA President): Course co-chair and instructor for the new LTI 626 (“Effects of Alcohol, Chemicals and Nutrition on Body and Performance”)
  • Jon Payne: Instructor for LTI 502
  • Phil Poggi (OIAAA District Rep and Vendor Chair): Instructor for LTI 619
  • Dave Bell: Instructor for LTI 608
  • Glen Gillespie (Ohio LTI Coordinator): Course co-chair and instructor for LTI 608
  • Jeff Kurtz: Instructor for LTI 625
  • Bruce Brown (OIAAA Executive Director):  Course co-chair and instructor for LTI 723  
             Committee Work:
  • Glen Gillespie, Publications Committee
  • Paul Moses, Certification Committee
  • Matt Shomper, Certification Committee
  • Bruce Brown, Certification Committee, Coaches Education Committee Vice-Chair
  • Jon Payne, Certification Committee (joins in 2015)
  • Tom Nerl, Awards Committee


             Presenters and Facilitators:
  • Jerry Snodgrass (OHSAA), Co-Presenter:  “Using Your Website to Promote Athletics
  • Bruce Brown, Presenter: “Coach Assessments
  • Dr. James Onate (Ohio State University): “Medical Emergency Action Plan” & “Specialization
  • Tom Nerl, Facilitator
  • Scott Stemple, Facilitator
             Section 2 Representative:
  • Matt Shomper (joins NIAAA Board in Orlando)
             National Recognitions:
Glen Gillespie, “Distinguished Service Award
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