To promote the benefits of dual membership in the OIAAA and NIAAA, the OIAAA is encouraging every LEAGUE or CONFERENCE in Ohio to achieve 100% registration by each league member’s respective athletic administrator for the 2015-2016 school year.  As incentives for this “ALL IN” effort, the OIAAA will:


  •  Provide complimentary, collared polo shirts with OIAAA logo for each “ALL IN” high school league member athletic administrator that meet the following criteria:


1. 100% dual enrollment (OIAAA and NIAAA) of all member schools’ athletic administrators   before January 1 of current school year

2.  Submission of “ALL IN” acknowledgement form to OIAAA Treasurer (indicates name of school, member name, shirt size) by January 1, 2015

3.  Posting of Leagues (and respective member schools) that are “ALL IN” on OIAAA website (

4. Acknowledgement of “ALL IN” leagues at the Annual OIAAA State Conference



  1. One shirt per member holding dual membership
  2. For Conferences that are organized by two or more “Divisions” (e.g., “Cardinal Division” in the Ohio Capital Conference), a Division can earn the “ALL IN designation with 100% divisional school dual enrollments.
  3. League commissioner does not need to be counted to qualify; however, for League Commissioner to receive incentive(s), Commissioner must have dual membership


This “ALL IN” membership incentive is made possible through the OIAAA and a partnership with Rokkitwear.  Rokkitwear is an Ohio-based company which has created a cutting-edge, online retail e-commerce store specifically branded for each school.  For more information about Rokkitwear opportunities and sports funding initiatives, go to


Ohio leagues which meet the above standards should complete a “Submission of ‘ALL IN’ Data” form to the OIAAA Treasurer on or before January 1, 2016.  To download the form, click HERE For additional questions, contact OIAAA Executive Director, Bruce Brown, at




For additional information on the “ALL IN” initiative with OIAAA, go to:

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