Congratulations to the following individuals who recently completed the NIAAA’s process for certification and passing the CAA and RAA exam:


Listed below are RAA’s and CAA’s from Ohio in 2014.


Arthur (Jeff) Good

Scott Brickner

Gregory Cooper

Timothy Ertle

Josh Hahn

Justin Shullick

Kevin Vargyas

Art Yoder



Scott Brickner

Richard Bryant

Matt Comstock

Scott Grant

Ray Hibbs

David Kelley

Bryan Koury

Jeff Merrill

Scott Reule

Kris Spriggs

John Thomas

Mark Trout

Aaron Zupka

The CAA exam will be offered in Columbus on Tuesday, November 18 as part of the OIAAA Conference.

Registration is through the NIAAA office and website at:

Programs:  NIAAA Certification Program

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