by Kevin Bryant
 March 2014

It would not be difficult for any honest interscholastic athletic administrator to fill up a page or two about the mistakes he or she has made and would like to avoid in the future. I’ve been there myself as a former athletic administrator. Reflecting on my own experiences (and mistakes), I’d like to offer a series of tips that will not only benefit novice athletic administrators, but veteran administrators, as well.



1. Your most important job is not paperwork. The important daily details of running an athletic program are critical; however, we must not get caught up in the daily tasks to the point that we miss impacting the lives of those with whom we work.

While I was athletic director at Tigard High School outside Portland, Ore., I would often head to a practice of one of our teams just to get my balance. It might have been a tough day, and seeing student-athletes and coaches doing their thing seemed to right all wrongs in my world while reminding me why I do my job. I also looked forward to my twice-monthly meetings with our Student-Athlete Leadership Team. In this environment, I got to know athletes on a one-on-one basis and connect with them about their lives outside of sport.

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