Recently, the STRS and SERS retirement systems reminded Ohio district treasurers to insure that individual membership classifications were reported corrected.  If an employee has not contributed to the correct retirement system, those memberships must be changed by July 1, 2014.   Most Ohio athletic administrators have come from “traditional” routes by being certificated teachers who may have transitioned into an administrative position.  If you came from a non-traditional route (e.g., the private sector) into being an athletic administrator and do not hold a teaching license, you should remain in the SERS system.

We urge all athletic administrators to review with their respective treasurer/business office this memo to insure  their retirement system membership is located in the correct system.  We do not want any athletic administrator to lose credit in any conversion process.  It is the employer’s responsibility to notify those individuals who may be changing systems.

Click HERE to read news release from the SERS and STRS

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