Dr. Dan Ross and Mr. Steve Craig of the Ohio High School Athletic Association will be making individual presentations at our 2013 state conference in November.  They have each requested that OIAAA members provide input as to the specific areas they can address in their presentations.
               Please submit a specific topic you would like to have addressed by Dr. Ross or Mr. Craig.  Deadline for submission of topics is NOVEMBER 2nd.  The most popular requests will be shared with both speakers.
Examples of questions/topics:
·       There is continual discussion about what a new Competitive Balance plan might be.  Could you speak to what factors are being considered for such a plan?
·       Are we seeing more Concussion litigation with schools occurring?  What are suggestions to schools to minimize legal risks related to concussion management?
Please send your questions/topics to Bruce Brown (link below) by November 2nd.  The most requested questions/topics will be referred to Dr. Ross and Mr. Craig prior to their respective conference presentations:

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