Welcome back to the start of another year.  If you have any “newbie” coaches who will need to complete the required “Fundamentals of Coaching” course as partial fulfillment of their Pupil Activity Permit (PAP), we will be offering the course here at Uniontown Lake HS on SATURDAY, AUGUST 24th from 8:00 a.m.-Noon.

By taking the classroom version of the course (the content is identical to online) there is a $10 savings ($55 classroom vs. $65 online).  Whether your district or the individual coach pays for the course, this is a significant savings to someone.

The registration link with OHSAA will be up later this week; however, if you have a new coach who has not taken the course before and you want to reserve them a spot in the class, simply forward this link to them or email me their contact information.  I will connect with the coach to make arrangements for their registering in time.

Feel free to contact me at brownbruce@lakelocal.org  or the office (330-877-4288) with any additional questions.

To learn more about what the “Fundamentals of Coaching” class is about  Watch the video below.

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