I want to thank all of the District Athletic Administrator Associations for allowing me to attend your spring functions to give the “State of the OIAAA Address”. I have been to five of other six districts and look forward to getting into the Southeast something this coming fall. All of the districts that I attended put on an excellent and very worthwhile activity for their membership. I would highly encourage every athletic administrator to be active within their district association.

As I discussed in those meetings, membership is vital to our organization. We have over 800 high schools in Ohio and just as m any middle schools. Yet, our membership numbers are in the low three hundreds. My hope is that you review the membership information that we have provided and that you strongly considering joining OIAAA this each and every year that you are in the profession.

One significant improvement to the OIAAA Member Benefits is that every member will now be provided a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy. In today’s litigious society, this benefit alone is well worth the $50 membership fee.

With the addition of this insurance policy, we have modified the dates of our membership calendar. Membership for each year now begins on July 1 (or the day you going if after July1) and will run through June 30. This change requires us to start our membership drive now instead of in the fall. You will be able to join the OIAAA anytime during the year, but your membership will end on June 30 of that school year.

I would also encourage all athletic administrators to join the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association. We have also provided a list of the NIAAA membership benefits on the Membership Information tab of the website along with the dual member application form. With this membership form, you can join the OIAAA, the NIAAA or both. I would highly encourage that you going both associations – along with your local district association each and every year.

The annual OIAAA Fall Conference will be November 1-11, 2012. It will be held at the Hilton Easton this year. Conference information and registration will be available in the fall.

I hope each and every one of you have a very relaxing and safe summer with your family!

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