Operational Responsibilities / Emergency Plans

A critical element of the duties for athletic administrators is the safety and security surrounding students and other participants at school athletic events. Documents which underscore and provide specific, sequential details for the safe operations of practices and contests will be provided in this section.

Like many aspects of data-sharing, athletic directors will likely adjust or expand some information to best fit their unique athletic environment. The critical element is this area, however, always remains to “HAVE A PLAN” in place! Sharing of such plans, once edited or adjusted to fit the specific school sport, is analogous to having a “Fire Drill” or “Tornado Drill” plan posted in the school building. Having a plan and then executing the plan (via practicing!) is a benchmark of quality oversight of the athletic program.

Trips – Mentor High School

Emergency Plans:  Soccer, Cheerleading, Freshman Football, Cross Country, JV Football, Volleyball

Emergency PA Announcements

Emergency Action Plan

Soccer Field Emergency Action Plan