OIAAA Cohort Available for Schools interested in pursuing the Bruce Brown Award of Excellence:

The OIAAA will be offering a 4 month cohort that will meet virtually once per month beginning June 14. The goal is to collaborate as a team to assist each participant in achieving the necessary requirements for the Bruce Brown Award of Excellence. Administrators that successfully complete all requirements by October 1st will be recognized at the OIAAA State Conference in November as well as the State Basketball Championships in March.  To find out more about the Bruce Brown Award of Excellence go to https://www.ohioiaaa.org/news/2021/04/28/oiaaa-and-ohsaa-launch-award-of-excellence/

The cohort will be facilitated by Streetsboro Athletic Administrator, Randy Tevepaugh, CMAA, who is the state coordinator for the Bruce Brown Award of Excellence. If you are interested in participating, please contact Randy by June 1. rtevepaugh@scsrockets.org