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Pupil Activity Permit Instructions

Steps to apply for the online PAP – Click HERE

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2013 OIAAA Presentation Handouts and Powerpoint Slides

“Important Considerations in Updating Your Athletic Handbook” – Jim Harbuck, Former Exec. Director, OASSA
“Promoting the Multi-Sport Athlete” – Kent Smith, Orville High School, Rick Rembielak, Akron Baseball Coach
“The True Value of Education Based Athletics” Mike Blackburn, NIAAA Associate Executive Director
“Concussion Manggement adn Return to Play Protocals” – Dr. Gongeni, Medical Dir. of Sports Med. at Akron Childrens Hospital
“Social Media and Internet: Athletic Impact” – Dan Harold, Associate Principal, Uniontown Lake High School
“Licensing: Helping Schools Realize Royalties from your Brand” – Dick Welsh, LR
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Athletic Director “To Do Check List”

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Slides to Use at Parent/Athlete Meetings
  • Print and web advertisements are provided courtesy of the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association and the National Federation of State High School Associations. 

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The Anatomy of a Teammate

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Social Media Information for Athletes and Parents
  • Impact of Social Media on College Recruiting
  • Social Media for the Coach and the Athlete – This website contains information for the athete, coach and a.d. on responsible and effective use of social media.
  • Dos and Don’ts with Social Media
  • Social Media Policy Example for HandbookSocial MediaThe use of e-mail messages, text messages, blogs, websites or other electronic communications to make inflammatory or derogatory comments, and/or inappropriate descriptions or pictures regarding another team member, another student, a coach, another school or team, or other staff member is strictly prohibited.  For the purposes of this policy, inappropriate comments may include, but are not limited to, inappropriate comments/pictures/descriptions regarding another person’s race, ethnic background, culture, religion gender or sexual orientation.Any violation of our social media policy may result in suspension and/or dismissal from the team.

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Parent Meeting Information